Heidi Elise Wirz – New Illustrations-Solo Shows-Murals

For all those lost from burning the candle at both ends.

A departure from my usual works on wood, I have been having a lot of fun playing with paper lately.  The result of which has been an entirely new process for me.  Instead of brush working out the backgrounds, I have been experimenting with primitive mark making techniques.  Mostly consisting of: blowing, spitting and regurgitating ink and coffee washes onto watercolor paper.  It makes for a remarkably soft and washed out background to the illustrate on top of.  I am very excited about these new pieces, and I hope you enjoy them.

Shows for the month of May.

May6- Solo Show at 7 Planet Portland OR

May6-Solo Show at Coeure:Art Portland OR

May6 Mural Unveiling NW 4th and Couch Portland OR

May15 Served Cold, A Group Show Concerning Revenge- South Florida




Portland, OR based illustrator, printer, and freelance lancelot.

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