Chris Morgan – Drawings

Here are my three latest drawings, I love the female form and creating dramatic lighting. I hope I have captured it and you all like them. Please feel free to leave a comment or visit my website

chris morgan

I first started to draw at a very young age. I loved the fact that I could start with a completely blank page and within moments see the beginnings of a picture emerge. It was always my favourite medium as a child and any chance I got to draw, I would, even if I had to sometimes make do with the back of a used envelope. And as the years at school went on I always preferred the pencil to paints, although I love and respect painters I have always found the pencil more instantaneous. A true reflection of yourself. I never do studies of my drawings the first pencil stroke on the board is the starting point of that piece and I will endeavour to journey through the work until it is finished. And as I am a completely self taught artist I will sometimes find my self experimenting on a piece to render a texture such as fur, grass or stone which can be quite nerve racking! As I was born and raised in Staffordshire I find my influences come from my surrounding environment and love to draw the beautiful scenery and animals that the country side has to offer. I always put my all into each piece of work I create and hope this shows through in my final piece.

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