Brendon Marczan – brendonlikestopaint

Brendon Marczan showcases the latest exploration into repeat ornament and patterns by Sydney based artist, Brendon Marczan. Latest images include sneak-peaks at his up-coming exhibition which celebrates familiar childhood brands in a startling ornamented way. All illustrations, like this one, are done entirely by hand with pen + marker on paper.


Brendon Marczan likes to paint, loves to draw… and doesn’t mind writing in the third person. born in the age of ‘hyper-color’ and the ‘frizzy perm’, brendon has been creating art from life for as long as he can remember. an artist and designer, his works are what you get when pop culture clashes with painstaking talent. now available for viewing through his online gallery, brendon’s work is talking to you. brendon brings his unique style to paper in a variety of forms. his artworks are sketched, inked and coloured by hand. energy and patience are difficult qualities to combine, but when they do, the results are breathtaking.

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