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Hi, we are LE LAB, a new Designer Toys label and we’re proud to present you our first productions, including a new platform toy called PLAYING ART™.

Based on our simian logo, PLAYING ART has kept some traces of his monkey’s previous life in his shape. He came from wild to urban jungle, and is now enjoying displaying different personalities…
For the first series, the identities are signed by Aro, LeJam and SpasmOne.

On his road, he met Marcel & Jessica, our mascots; such a cute couple of monkeys that he couldn’t resist bringing them back with him. These little stars are designed by Tizieu and come in two versions…

You can discover them all on www.lelab-toys.com

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  1. I like the chimp that has a resemblance to those tribal masks. And that one smiling in the background reminds me of the cartoons the Gorillaz had on their music video clips.

  2. Hi Jon, thank you. The one with the tribal mask is called Bali-Bali it’s designed by Spasm One… http://lelab-toys.blogspot.com/2009/12/focus-bali-bali.html

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