Brian Bowes – Steampunk Tales Digipulp Magazine Cover

Steampunk Tales Cover Image by Brian BowesWatercolor painting for a Digipulp Magazine Cover

Recently I had the good fortune to paint the cover of Steampunk Tales #6. They are really taking a great format that has propelled so many story tellers and illustrators forward from the past, and bringing it into the 21st Century by making it accessible to so many tech platforms. Sort of a past future in the present, much like Steampunk.

You can see a bit of the process, accompanied by prodigious comments, by going to my blog:

Brian Bowes

I am an illustrator–designer living and working in San Francisco. Where I live with a beautiful wife and two cats that continue to amaze and inspire me. I am interested in commissioned works, portraiture and more. You can see more examples of my work, and contact me through my website:

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