Gallows Humor – Dissident art commission

Yes, this was an actually paying job. An Iranian refugee coalition in Baltimore hired me to do a series of scathing cartoons about the Iranian regime. The spokesman, Alidad, communicated with me on email. I did a sketch, he approved. the more derisive the art was. the better he liked it. I eventually based some of my ideas on old roadrunner cartoons from the 60’s as inspiration.


Peter Fasolino's illustrations cover the spectrum of Children's Books, Editorial and Advertising art as well as Caricature. Peter lives and works in New York City and, when not illustrating, spends his time pondering what part of the brain is responsible for compelling one to be an illustrator. The same part, perhaps, that persuades one to believe in the possibility of lasting peace in the Middle East, a Beatles reunion with the original members, O.J. Simpson's innocence, tolerable Adam Sandler movies, keeping the porchlight on for Jimmy Hoffa's return, health insurance for every American and a high six figure yearly salary due to buyers of Illustration who know good art when they see it.

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