Brian Bowes – Steampunk Magazine

Steampunks in the Wider World
“Much like a Steampunk Atlas, our craftsman has the weight of the world on his mind, but focuses his attention on the work at hand.”

Please check out my recently finished pen and ink piece for Steampunk Magazine, which is posted on my blog {here}. Prints are available upon request, you can contact me via my website. Stay tuned for more Steampunk goodness coming your way soon!

Much thanks goes out to the folks at Steampunk Magazine for including me in their publication. We’re all looking forward to seeing issue #7 hit the stands!

Brian Bowes

I am an illustrator–designer living and working in San Francisco. Where I live with a beautiful wife and two cats that continue to amaze and inspire me. I am interested in commissioned works, portraiture and more. You can see more examples of my work, and contact me through my website:

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