Studio Jellyfish – Hand painted clothing and high heels!

At Studio Jellyfish we use the beautiful form of a high heel as our canvas and transform it’s lifeless exterior into wearable art. What we intend to do is make it so women are no longer restricted to flat one color shoes. As an alternative, women can now show off their fun, creative and classy side by just changing their shoes.

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Courtney James
Location: Detroit, MI
Job: Illustrator/Graphic Designer
Software: Illustrator/ Photoshop

Courtney James is a 23-year-old graphic designer/ illustrator from Detroit Michigan where she is currently attending the College for Creative Studies. She has studied classes ranging anywhere from graphic design to photography and painting. Nevertheless, Courtney's true love lay with the creation of digital art and design. “This media has given me the opportunity to accurately express my own personality and depict the elements that make this world beautiful.”

Courtney's illustrations are typically figurative, incorporating organic forms found throughout nature. “I am constantly being inspired by all that surrounds me, the love and support in my life is what drives me to continually reinvent myself.”

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