Sherry Neidigh – ‘A Frog’s Dream’

This is a poster used for the website “Frogs are Green” to increase awareness of the declining rate of Earth’s next dinosaurs. Posters and T-shirts can be bought to help raise awareness about the threats frogs face in the world’s changing environment, and to spread the message that healthy frogs mean a healthy planet for all.

Sherry Neidigh

I started drawing at the age of two, going on to graduate from Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota Florida. Before I became a freelancer, I lived in Phoenix, Arizona and worked in a hospital graphics department designing patient and employee booklets, multi media shows and coloring books for the pediatrics department as well as designing a swim safety mascot with various promotional materials. I then moved to Chicago where I took classes at the Chicago Art Institute followed by a move to Kansas City, where I developed toy ideas for Hallmark Cards Inc. I have been a full-time freelance artist for over twelve years, illustrating various educational, trade, and mass-market books as well as periodicals. I work in gouache, watercolor, pen and ink, pencil and airbrush.

I am a member of SCBWI

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  1. Beautiful colors and composition Sherry. I love the inset frame with the border of polliwogs.

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