Mutt Ink – concept art for CNN

A few months ago Mutt Ink was called upon to pitch illustration concepts for CNN’s Health website. The prime obstacle was illustrating serious life altering health issues without the artwork coming across as distasteful or morbid. In the end, CNN went with generic photography to depict each issue, but the overall experience was unparalleled.

Click here to view all 9 illos.


PENS, PAGES, GEARS and GLUE. A primary focus of the Mutt Ink catalogue is the original illustration we create for adaptation to books, games & animated narratives, most of which are also original, uncommissioned works themselves. We write, build and program to bring the image to life and develop a complete experience for the audience.

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  1. They were crazy to pass these up! Beautiful, strong & thoughtful work. Generic photography… sigh…

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