Koldo Barroso – Sharing the making of a picture book

I’m sharing the making of my forthcoming book at my blog. This includes every step in the process of making and self-publishing a picture book: content, design, art direction, marketing, social media, etc.

Some of the elements that I will be discussing are design aesthetics, ornaments, layout, fonts, color palettes, etc. From the writing point of view, I will also talk about documentation, rhythm, point of view, characters and other important elements to take in consideration. I hope you find it interesting.

Kooky Pets is the product an Internet and social media experience where blog readers are co-creators as well as protagonists. The book will comprise a collection of portraits of absurd and fun pet characters called Kooky Pets who live inside all of us and catalyze our most intimate dreams and wishful yearnings.

Koldo Barroso

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