Clare Elsom – A speedy hand

Don't over do it © Clare Elsom

I recently stumbled upon the work of Clare Elsom, a graduate from University College Falmouth and since her graduation she’s been part of the sea of talented illustrators that are scattered all over London. She’s represented by NB Illustration Agency and has done a lot of beautiful work for a nice assortment of clients.

© Clare Elsom

It really appeals to me the unpretentiousness of her style and the surprising change of stroke thickness, as if her fountain pen suddenly got very excited and spat out more ink than it meant to. The language of her character is quite consistent and has a heart warming naïve feel to it. I wouldn’t mind seeing them moving in the near future!

Alex Amelines

Having worked at one of Colombia's largest publishing companies for 5 years, I realised in the year 2000 that my illustrations wanted to move. So I moved to England. Here Central Saint Martins launched me into a new career in animation. My work has been applied to a wide range of formats like broadcast, events, exhibitions, music videos, animated series, visualizations, corporate films, games, etc.

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