Camilla d’Errico – Olympics Gallery Show

Camilla d’Errico will be a featured artist at Vancouver’s Ayden Gallery for a show that highlights some of Vancouver’s top contemporary artists, including Lani Imre, Peter Taylor, Ben Tour and The Dark. The show is simply called 5, and it stands for 5 great artists, one exhibition, and a chance for the world to see our art, during Vancouver’s two weeks in the Olympics spotlight.

Camilla’s theme for the show will be nature, and specifically as it relates to Canada. She is going to attempt something quite different from the ordinary. “I can say without hesitation that I’m proud to be Canadian, I think Vancouver is the best place to live in the world, and I want all that pride to shine through in this show”. The show opens on February 13th, the day after Olympics opening ceremonies.

The Ayden Gallery is located at:

88 West Pender Street

#2103 2nd Floor

International Village(Tinseltown)

Vancouver, BC


V6B 6N9

tel. 1-778-891-4310



Camilla d'Errico is an Italo-Canadian artist who has been making waves in the fine art and comic industries with her manga-influenced style. Ever the prolific artist, Camilla lives the double life of comic artist, character creator and painter. She has expanded her art into vinyl toys, plush, fashion, accessories, stationery and other merchandise. Camilla resides in Vancouver, BC, where she paints and draws comics, and more recently has been working with entertainment companies on feature films and videogames. She has distinguished herself through her ability to seamlessly weave comic art and manga with surrealist elements, wrapping it all together with an extensive emotional palette. Thanks to her relentless energy, dedication, and just enough sleep deprivation, she has followed her dream of successfully working creatively for a living.

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