Bev Hogue – Blue or Nothing – S Squared

This recent commissioned piece titled “S Squared” by Bev Hogue|Beluxe inc from her series “Blue or Nothing” went to a very warm and loving collector’s home.

Sixx & Sarah needed to be shared with the planet and a painting seemed appropriate.|


Bev Hogue BLUE OR NOTHING collection Glamour is the face of courage. It’s all about poise and confidence in the face of adversity. These women share a sense of dignity despite the difficult situations in which they find themselves. In the scale and the extremes of Dali I have always found release. It could be my Romanian roots, but I understand the temperament of the Spanish school. Beside the giant canvases of the St. Petersburg gallery and before the immense installations in his birthplace of Figueres, I am at home. Warmth and virtue is tested in the cool blue end of the spectrum.

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