ADi – Light Years exhibition

Adi Art
ADi Light Years exhibition of new work

Brunswick Street Gallery
322 Brunswick Street Fitzroy
7 days 10am – 10pm

Opening reception 29 January 2010 6pm onward
Exhibition runtime 29 January – 11 February 2010

Artist Statement
Light Years is a collection of works that are drawn from the artists inner world, a dreamlike state of being.

Gods emerge in all their glory, littered with mechanical devices, costumes and tentacles, both beautiful and dangerous.
Mysterious structures, faces and galaxies are brought forth from another dimension. Dark and light collide and a new world is the result.

An exhibition not to be missed for fans and collectors of fantasy and surreal art.


"In our essence we hold the ability to create and dismantle entire universes, often doing so unknowingly, some choose to dismantle, I choose to create".

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