Detail of a page from the upcoming Graphic Novel DRACULA CHILDREN OF THE NIGHTDetail of a page from the upcoming Graphic Novel DRACULA CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT

Andy Fish has begun posting page samples from his upcoming 500 page magnum opus DRACULA; CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT which explores the journey of Jonathan Harker both from England to Transylvania, but also from boy to man!  

The story follows the structure of Bram Stoker’s original vampire tale, but explores avenues and adventures only hinted at by Stoker (such as Harker’s escape from Castle Dracula).  Fish is also setting the story in 1930s Europe– so you know there will be a Nazi or two in there as well.

“I know it’s against the victorian setting of the original novel”  Fish said, “but Stoker was merely setting the timeframe in his own contemporary 1890s– so I don’t think it is essential that I follow his timeline– the 30s offers a lot of interesting aspects not to mention it was the setting of the Bela Lugosi film version of the book.”

The graphic novel will be released in chapters starting Spring 2010 with the whole collection released next Halloween.


American artist, illustrator and Graphic Novelist based in Boston Massachusetts

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