Todd Umbarger – ‘Left 4 Dead’

Left 4 Dead

In mere weeks, Left 4 Dead fans will be getting fully acquainted with the new cast of rescue-seeking Survivors. It probably won’t be a final farewell to Louis, Francis, Bill and Zoey, however their time as the franchise stars is certainly ending. Here’s my tribute to the best zombie video game EVER.

Todd Umbarger

I'm a freelance illustrator and also work part-time at My art is created completely digitally and I specialize in humorous portraits of celebrities and other famous faces. I received my Illustration BFA from Hartford Art School in '99 and have been freelancing for almost five years. Only recently have I felt true confidence in my abilities and hopefully that will accelerate my success in the industry. I've also been doing political cartoons for a year-and-a-half, which can be seen at my blog:

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