Rasa Daukus – Sylphing


Rasa has just updated her website to include all recently completed charcoal drawings in The Sylphing Collection. See more at www.sylphing.com .

Starfish GazingNight Lights


Sylphing is the work of artist and illustrator Rasa Daukus. Rasa is passionate about drawing for both its simplicity and immediacy. She loves line, shape, pattern, character and narrative, and the feel of charcoal, combining layers of both broad muddy smudges and less conventional clean-edged strokes. Her major influences are: the wide-eyed characters of Japanese illustration, the process and symbolism behind Chinese and Lithuanian traditional handicrafts, street art and its urgency, the amazing makers of those beautiful kooky soft-sculpted dolls, music, and the imagination of children. Rasa lives in Canberra, Australia.

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