Lym Moreno – I Put a Spell

I put a spell

One of the Illustrations I did for my book I PUT A SPELL


As kid i spent a lot of time at my grandfather´s print-studio where i played with paper and other printing untensils. During that time i just wanted become a professional singer or a writer. In my teenage i tried to make this dream come true but i realized i was too shy to sing in front of an audience. So i decided to keep off the stage focusing on simply writing stories. At age 17 i started to study Graphic Design in Caracas (E.A.V. Cristobal Rojas). After my studies i worked in advertising agencies but i got bored soon and looked for something different. I enrolled at the art university in Caracas (I.U.E.S.A.P Armando Reverón) to study Fine Arts. During my time there i steady worked on my own visual language and finally i graduated in the end of 2008.

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