LCS INTERVIEW :: Gina and Matt

Who’s more important and why – Gina, Matt or Wesley the Boston Terrier?

This is clearly a trap.

How much influence do you have on each others work?

In the collaborative work, it’s pretty much equal say. We talk over the general feeling and imagery of the painting before we begin. This is when we say whether there’s anything specific we pictured the other person doing. In the individual work, it’s more of an as needed thing, mostly in the brainstorming phase. So we’ll help each other sort through art direction and come up with sketches. In creating the finals, there might be a little asking how a color or whatnot looks, but not as much as in the beginning of a project.

Apart from illustration what other things are you into?

Matt really likes to ride his bicycle. Gina and Wes really like to sip coffee and watch people walk past.

Who are your favourite artists/illustrators alive today?

There’s so many great folks out there. If we had a boatload of money, here are the first five things we’d buy: an Adam Wallacavage chandelier, and paintings by Ross Bleckner, Sigmar Polke, Brian Cronin, and Clare E. Rojas.

Have you ever considered creating your own brand of G & M merchandise?

Right now, we’ve worked on a number of clothing and product projects where our contribution is a part of someone else’s line. This works for us because we don’t really want to get into the production and distribution of products. If the opportunity came along, it would be great to design a cohesive line of clothing or products with someone who could then handle the other aspects. The closest things you’ll see for now are: t-shirts at Urban Outfitters, magnets we did for Ipop, our snowboards for Option, Lamar and Sims, and Gina’s signature sneakers for Converse. That, and the giclee prints available on our website and Gina’s prints from Thumbtack Press.

Are you involved in any collaborative projects at the moment and is there anyone you would like to work with?

We just worked on a Bumbershoot/Starbucks poster for Wieden + Kennedy and a book cover for Faber & Faber. Gina’s been busy with a few projects for Chronicle books. The collaboration in our field is really one of the great aspects. Some art directors can really tap into what we are doing and help us to adapt it to their project’s needs. Books may be one of our favourite things to do, so I guess we’d like to collaborate with anyone doing an interesting or fun book project.

What’s next in the pipeline for Gina Triplett and Matt Curtius?

We just bought a new house, so there’s a bit of renovation to be done. We’re pretty overdue for some travel. We have a November exhibition with Rachel Salomon at The Riviera, in Brooklyn. Hopefully more fun jobs, but with some spaces between them.

Things have been hectic.


Philly Friends: Jude, Amy, Damian, Mike,
Jess, Jason, Holly & Becky.
NY Friends: Joel, Kelly, Rachel & Brian
Friends on the other coast: Greg & Martha

Nirvana or The Beatles?

Aren’t these the same thing?

The Brady Bunch or The Waltons?

Gina’s upbringing had the exact Brady proportions, but in a Walton’s setting. For these reasons, we’re fans of both.

You can see more of Gina Triplett and Matt Curtius’s work at

Darren Di Lieto

Darren Di Lieto is the founder and editor of The Little Chimp Society. He created the LCS in 2005 as an illustration news portal to promote the illustrators and artists who bring joy to our everyday lives. Since then the LCS has grown into a publisher, hosting provider and events organiser.

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  1. Fantastic work as always .. I am down with sipping coffee and people watching as well.

  2. jRODaRT says:

    Yuz guyzz art is amazing! Always nice to read interviews and meet the artists alittle more.

  3. Fantastic interview! I love the buck, reminds me of November in Wisconsin… Sweet!

  4. Ora.A says:

    i think that this is a good interview as it has great information for ny assment. that i have in school.
    On Giana Triplett and we have t remake one of her desgin or make our own likes hers, and we have resheach in it.
    that helps me answer questions!!

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