John Tidwell – The Inheritor

The honeymoon is over and our President finds himself with Herculean labors to accomplish.The honeymoon is over and President Obama finds himself with Herculean labors to accomplish.

Illustrator John Tidwell presents a showcase of his work at his website, Most of his editorial illustration is political in nature, and combines polymer clay sculpture, photography and Adobe PhotoShop. Trained as a journalist, Tidwell turned to illustration after being inspired by his two favorite illustrators, Steve Brodner and Hanoch Piven.

John Tidwell

After being a journalist for more than a decade, in both print and broadcast media (visit to review his checkered career), John Tidwell exploring a second career as an illustrator. Political caricature and social issues, especially environmental subjects, are his favorite themes for illustration.

Mr. Tidwell's style-of-choice for illustration is a fusion of sculpture and photo-collage, which allows him to mix all sorts of media together. He is also an active member of the Washington Area Illustrator's Club.

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