John Tidwell – Godfather Putin

Russia under Vladimir Putin resembles a mafia more than a democracy.Russia under Vladimir Putin resembles a mafia more than a democracy.

Illustrator John Tidwell unveils yet another piece of political commentary in “Godfather Putin” an editorial illustration showcased at his website, Wild Man Illustration. Journalist turned illustrator, Tidwell says that while Putin’s Russia has embraced the principles of Capitalism, the egalitarian aspects of most Western democracies have been ignored.

John Tidwell

After being a journalist for more than a decade, in both print and broadcast media (visit to review his checkered career), John Tidwell exploring a second career as an illustrator. Political caricature and social issues, especially environmental subjects, are his favorite themes for illustration.

Mr. Tidwell's style-of-choice for illustration is a fusion of sculpture and photo-collage, which allows him to mix all sorts of media together. He is also an active member of the Washington Area Illustrator's Club.

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