Alice Feagan – Under the Sea


This set of sea creatures from the Pacific was created as fun wall and floor graphics for a new exhibit being installed at the Science Factory Children’s Museum in Eugene, Oregon. To see all of the images in this series visit


I am a freelance illustrator creating work that appeals to the editorial, advertising, and book markets. All of the work you will find on my website is created in my unique cut paper collage technique that focuses on play within an image between textures, patterns, and shapes. In this medium as well as paint, graphite, or digital design programs I create playful, graphic, and bold illustrations that deal with a variety of subject matter. From portraiture to landscape to hand lettered type my work is versatile, appealing to both adults and children. In addition to my traditional work I am fluent in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign on Mac and PC platforms.

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