Sketch Motel Illustrators unveil new site!


Sketch Motel Illustrators unveil the new site with great new work and constant updates. See who’s checked in at the motel and enjoy your stay.  Please don’t steal the towels and do join our facebook fan page.

Huan Tran

Huan is a pretzel bender who wishes he were a fish. With comfy sneakers, tunes and no destination, he can walk forever. Life could use a soundtrack to keep your steps moving to a beat, except Huan walks to a rhythm that can be described as crab crawl across a corduroy beach. On his, bent out of shape, unicycle he’s meandered through 2 degrees; across time zones, equators and meridians, sometimes without the foggiest as to where he's going. He figures, you can't be lost or late if you don't have anywhere to be. Huan likes art, ideas, hates onions and currently runs Leaking Faucet Studio. Follow Me On: - Blog - Flickr Page - Twitter - LinkedIn - Facebook

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