Nobrow Press – Blexbolex’s Abecederia


Nobrow Press has just released the English version of Abecederia for pre-order!

A detective story stuck in an alphabet book, Abecederia is the handiwork of award-winning French artist and printmaker Blexbolex, who was also responsible for L’imagier des Gens (published by Albin Michel Jeunesse), the winner of the award for the most beautiful book of the year in 2008 at the Leipziger Buchmesse.

Abecederia will be hitting the bookshops in England on Monday the 26th of October and in the United States shortly afterwards through Last Gasp distribution. Both the French and German versions of this book are already out of print, so if you want to make sure you get your copy, pre-order it here

The following review is quoted from Wim Wenders’ review on the Forbidden Planet blog:

Abecederia is the tale of two bank robbers, Leon and Bernard Blanchet, and their decent into madness in the colony of Abecederia and its outskirts, Katagonia.  While we are still in the early letters of the alphabet, Katagonia seems to be a veritable paradise, but soon it becomes a hell, which doesn’t end until the two scoundrels reach the letter Z, and together with the reader they wade through “a nightmare with hints of dehumanization, to pseudo-scientific experiments performed on humans, torture, death”, as Papercuts put it.’



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  1. nobrow says:

    Sorry – massive clerical error- it was not Wim Wenders but Wim Lockefeer who reviewed this book. Wim Wenders is ofcourse the Arthouse director of films like ‘The Million Dollar Hotel’ and ‘Paris Texas’ and does not review comic books! haha

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