Mutt Ink – New York Times book review!


The Old Lady’s in this weeks Sunday Book Review for the New York Times! Not a bad thing to discover Sunday morning while reading and choking on the best damn ham and cheese omelet I’ve ever consumed. Click here for the review. Click here to see more images of the book. Click here to order a copy of the book.


PENS, PAGES, GEARS and GLUE. A primary focus of the Mutt Ink catalogue is the original illustration we create for adaptation to books, games & animated narratives, most of which are also original, uncommissioned works themselves. We write, build and program to bring the image to life and develop a complete experience for the audience.

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  1. Eclectix says:

    This is a beautiful image in what looks like a very creative and fun book! Awesome work! Is the original a collage or painting?

  2. muttink says:

    Thanks for the kind words. The final art work is digitally collaged and colored.

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