LCS Review :: Michael Slack’s ICK

LCS Review :: Michael Slack's ICK

I got sent a copy of ICK the game, created by Michael Slack for review a couple weeks ago. The game is fantastic! It takes a bit to get your head round the instructions, but reading them is a joy, since the instruction booklet is fully illustrated by Mr Slack. Being father of a 10 year old son I was a bit worried, and so would you be if you had ever read ‘Land of O' by MS with its Global Honkey Inc. story… And the petting pen. I was pleasantly surprised that the game is for ages 6+ even with the character that has a bottom for a face. It's all totally gross, but I've been playing it with my son since we got a copy. The overall presentation box is brilliant and I would recommend buying the game even if you never intend to play it. Also… incidentally a new version of was uploaded today.

Michael has also donated one of a Signed and Numbered Edition of 20 print, titled ‘Yara Ma Yha Who' as a prize for the ongoing mail art project MAiLmeART.

Buy ICK as gift or for yourself. Click here

Check out the ICK site

Please note: I'm personal a fan of Mr Slack's work! And I'm hoping to get an interview out of him in the next week or so. 😉

Darren Di Lieto

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