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Greg and Myles have been writing and directing animations since 2000 and their work has appeared on BBC ONE, MTV, Nickelodeon USA, Channel 4, E4, Channel Frederator and Their surname is pronounced /MacCloud/ for those not versed in Norse-Scottish history…

The Brothers McLeod are represented by Aardman Animations as Commercials Directors. They are also currently writing and producing for BBC Children’s.

Can you elaborate on what do you do for a living?

Animator, director, musician, sound designer, artist, 16thC trapest monk

Between a directing role and hands-on work, which do you prefer and why?

It’s sort of all tied up together, my favourite time is the germ of the idea, seeing something develop organically.

If you weren’t doing this what would you be doing?

No idea!

Could you describe for us your creative process?

For the films… Idea – brainstorm – design – write – storyboard – animatic – animate – fx – edit – sound – screen

It’s all really organic for our own films and very structured and less flexible for the commercial projects. All projects are planned and roles assigned as part of that process.

How do you find being siblings and partners at the same time? Does it ever get in the way?

It’s fine, never gets in the way. It helps if anything, a shared creative history, influences, inspirations and experiences.

What do you do for inspiration? How do you manage to be innovative on each project?

Read a lot, watch films, go to galleries, think, walk, red wine, green tea, fresh food – search out the best.

Be honest, get yourself excited.

Do you have any good tips for dealing with creative blocks?

Never had one.

Which of the projects you’ve worked on so far has been your favourite?

The M Man, Dog Tired, The Beardmaker

Describe your dream client.

Ourselves – having enough money to produce a grand project. Self funded with no interference.

Do you have any new exciting projects coming up?

Series for the BBC – ongoing
Several ideas for short films

Tell us a secret about yourselves.

I have gills.

If you could have any super power, which would you choose?

Cabbage firing finger tips.

Any advice for anyone following your steps?

Wear wellies, and work very very hard.

You can see more of The Brothers McLeod’s work at

Alex Amelines

Having worked at one of Colombia's largest publishing companies for 5 years, I realised in the year 2000 that my illustrations wanted to move. So I moved to England. Here Central Saint Martins launched me into a new career in animation. My work has been applied to a wide range of formats like broadcast, events, exhibitions, music videos, animated series, visualizations, corporate films, games, etc.

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