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Flunking Out at the Food Co-op

This illustration ran in The New York Times on October 25th on the cover of the Metro section (New York edition). The essay by Alana Joblin Ain describes her experience being suspended from shopping at the Park Slope Food Co-op in Brooklyn, NY after falling behind on her required work requirement. The Co-op has a reputation for high quality local organic foods, at great prices. However the author of this essay highlights some of the difficulties in keeping up your end of the membership bargain, and the shameful consequences that follow. See the accompanying spot illustrations here.

You can see more of my work for The New York Times here.


Jon Keegan lives in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY with his wife Julie and his loyal pooch Logan. A freelance illustrator, he specializes in magazine and newspaper editorial work for such clients as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and US News & World Report. Keegan has been trained in the sketchbook arts, loves to travel and enjoys blowing things up in videogames.

You can see his work at:

Keegan also is the founder and a regular contributor to the collaborative art site invisibleman.

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