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Before and After: hijacking everyday stuff to craft incredible creatures

October 14 – November 13  gallery hanahou / 611 Broadway, Suite 730 /

Opening party (with surprise participatory event!): October 14 (Wed) 7 – 9 p.m.  rsvp
Robogurumi robot dog workshop: October 17 (Sat) 1 – 4 p.m.  email to sign up

Who needs a “practical” item like an umbrella when you can transform it into a quirky character with needle and thread? That’s the question at the heart of the work of Ossu! Shugeibu, the super cool and macho guerilla crafting club from Japan!
“Before and After” will feature unusual creations handmade by Ishizawa himself, but the guerrilla crafting guru is passionate about recruiting new members to his club and has plans to get everyone involved! Visitors to the October 14th opening will be encouraged to join in on a participatory handmade “happening,” then Ishizawa will lead a workshop on October 17th in which participants will each make a hand-sewn robotic dog. Come join the Yo! Crafting Club!

Ossu! Shugeibu, translated into English as Yo! Crafting Club, is fueled by a mix of testosterone and pure creativity uninhibited by rules or conventions. Using repurposed materials and freestyle techniques, founder and president Shoichi Ishizawa inspires his myriad club members – men and women who have participated in his workshops – to create surprising craft art without any prior experience in the traditional crafts.

Come to the opening party on Wednesday, October 14, 7-9 pm, to meet Shoichi Ishizawa and participate in a surprise group craft project!

Then join us for a workshop led by Ishizawa on Saturday, October 17, 1-4 pm, where you can craft your own walking and talking robogurumi robotic dog. Only $29.99!

RSVP for the opening and sign up for the workshop by

For a peek at the project we’ll be making with Ossu! Shugeibu in the 10/17 workshop, check out this video of hand-customized robogurumis from their 2006 show at Gallery le Bain in Tokyo.

And check out a video of the dogs on the town here:

Robogurumi in Tokyo

gallery hanahou

Located in the landmark Cable Building in the heart of Soho, gallery hanahou is newly established by CWC International, a creative agency for illustrators that has been operating in New York since 1999. In our business of helping artists to express themselves through commercial media, we have increasingly come to desire a new way to encourage our artists to explore the furthest reaches of their creativity. We hope that gallery hanahou will be a venue through which we can introduce new dimensions of our artists’ work to the community. We have also discovered many talented artists working in more diversified fields such as pop art, craft arts, and product design, whose work does not necessarily fit neatly into the commercial art business but is nonetheless deserving of exposure. Acting as a forum for these artists in addition to our own commercial artists, gallery hanahou will present the public with art in a dazzling array of forms: not only original paintings and prints, but also art toys, craft art, art products, and more. what does hanahou mean?? Hanahou is a Hawaiian phrase, usually written as two words—hana hou—which means “encore!” or “more!” In addition, hana by itself also means “creation” or “creativity.” We named our gallery “hanahou” with the mission of developing a space that will become a source of rampant creativity and will be appreciated by many people—and we hope to receive cries of “encore!” for the shows we put on!

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