Ed Clews – New work for Marmite and Absolute Press

cavemen small

Absolute Press commissioned Ed Clews to illustrate Marmite Through History for The Great Big Bumper Book of Marmite, which should be out this month.

See all the images at www.edclews.com.

3 Responses

  1. dang says:

    I love these paintings by Ed Clews. They remind me of the Dinosaur Jr ‘Where You Been’ cover art but I think I prefer Ed’s paintings. I just spent the last twenty minutes admiring the work on his website and blog. More please.

  2. pagettypol says:

    I heartily approve of this comment and/or endorsement.

  3. This are brilliant – love them .. so much fun to look at … and this comes from someone that hates Marmite.

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