ADi – Melbourne Stencil Festival 2009

Melbourne Stencil Festival 2009

ADi is one of this year’s featured artists in the largest street art show in Australia ‘The Melbourne Stencil Festival’ opening night Friday 25th September @ 6pm, 117 Vere Street, Abbotsford Victoria Australia. Above image is panel #3 of ADi’s classic Intergalactic Surrealism style titled ‘Duality’ which will be for sale during the festival along with several other works and also a limited edition of 100 giclee print ‘Mother of the Earth – Isis in Lotus Position’

An event not to be missed if you are a serious collector or have an interest in ‘real’ Contemporary Art.

Further details can be found at or


"In our essence we hold the ability to create and dismantle entire universes, often doing so unknowingly, some choose to dismantle, I choose to create".

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