Tessar Lo – Lapin Lapin Print


Lapin Lapin marked a big turning point in my painting. I hope to share it with you.

The print is giclee, 8-colour process and measures approximately 13 x 15.75″ (33 x 40cm) and the printed image itself is about 12 x 15″ (30 x 38cm). This is a limited edition of 20 prints, signed and numbered by me.


born in indonesia and raised in canada, tessar's work is in the cluster of things you see when you close your eyes at night. interested in the denaturalization of history and the mysterious- he is driven to capture the hearts of the intrigued.

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  1. StefanG says:

    Where can I get one and how much? I saw this at Happily Never After, but just didn’t have the bucks to pay for the original…

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