Slauz – Personal illustration about incest

Incest : When mother does't want to see it

That was an article from Elle Quebec (I don’t remember which month, sorry) . This is my interpretation of the subject. A lot of mother, in incest situation, act like if everything is alright. They are afraid to scrap there family, lost there lover or her child.

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  1. Lukas S. says:

    No thats no right, look its from here

    But the picture is about a mother who DOESN’T want incest in her familiy. Therefore she takes away the child from the farther’s sight.

  2. slauz says:

    //French follow this :
    You saw this picture on my Deviantart account and I also put here.

    Obviously the mother did not wish there was incest in his family … but the article was about mothers who are caught in a dilemma between losing her family, her husband and admit the fact or to denounce this horrible situation.

    So, sorry if I did not put the same explanations on the two articles, I just put a short resumé on deviantart …

    But thanks for the comments 🙂

    Tu as vu cette illustration sur mon compte Deviantart et je l’ai aussi mis ici.

    C’est sûr que la mère ne souhaite pas qu’il y est inceste dans sa famille… mais l’article était au sujet des mères qui sont prises dans un dilenme entre perdre sa famille, son mari, l’orgueil d’avouer et le fait de dénoncer cette horrible situation.

    Alors désolé si je n’ai pas mis les mêmes explications sur les deux articles, j’ai tout simplent épuré celui de deviantart…

    Merci de ton commentaire par contre!

  3. suhaila says:

    who is an artist?

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