Greg Houston’s New Graphic Novel From NBM Publishing!

Vatican Hustle from Greg Houston and NBM Publishing

Boss Karate Black Guy Jones is the baddest cat in town and he’s got a job to do! Join him as he rolls from the streets of Baltimore to the halls of the Vatican, searching for a missing girl and kicking ass all the way!! Clowns, lepers, drunks, mimes, pornography- Vatican Hustle has it all… and then some, Fool!! Don’t miss out on your chance to get a copy, Chump!!! You’ve been warned!

To read more about Vatican Hustle check out this link:

Greg Houston

I’m a 1988 graduate of Pratt Institute. I’ve been a professional illustrator for almost 19 years. My first loves are ice sculpture and evil sock puppets. I am poor but am seeking unlimited, nearly pornographic wealth. Oh, and power.

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