Zelda Themed Cool Surface Tutorial on PSDFan (with FREE custom brushes!)

Broken Link

If you head over to PSDFAN right now you’ll be able to see a brand new Photoshop tutorial: “Broken Link” where David Cousens from Cool Surface.com will take you through the steps of how to make the image in this post based on the Nintendo game “The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask”.  Plus there are even some free custom brushes for you to download.


Forget reality; you should join David & Sarah Cousens (aka Cool Surface) in their slightly insane, often cheeky and always colourful world of illustration where their heroic robots, surreal monsters, sexy women and adorable animals have excited and entertained in advertising, editorials, exhibitions, professional education, publishing and television work Selected Client List includes Adidas . Advanced Photoshop Magazine . Apps Magazine . BBC . Computer Arts Magazine . Citadel Press . Creative Boom . Digital Arts Magazine . DoYouRemeber.co.uk . Frequency Publishing . First Great Western . Geek Beach . Hachette Publishing . Imagine FX Magazine . Kingfisher . Letraset . Mongoose Publishing . New College Swindon . Photoshop Creative Magazine . PSDFan . PSD Tuts+ . Swin City Comics . Tick Tock Publishing . Topless Robot . TransForce Conventions You can see more of their work at www.CoolSurface.com and check out their SketchBlog at http://CoolSurface.blogspot.com.

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