The Golden Age show!

The Golden Age Show!

The Golden Age Show, premiering today, is the 4th gallery show from the Autumn Society of Philadelphia. In the last show, the theme was the 80’s but this time those talented artists invite you to go back to an even more remote time: The Golden Age of Comics and Animation!

See Popeye, Batman, Superman, Betty Boop, Chilly Willy and other characters from the old times and my own take on “Fantomah: Mystery Woman of the Jungle” created by Fletcher Hanks (under the pseudonym “Barclay Flagg”) in 1940.  She is considered to be the first female super-hero.

The event will be hosted by the brave and bold folks at Brave New Worlds Comics, Philadelphia, Today, July 3rd, at 6pm!

For everyone outside Philadelphia:  Check out the Autumn Society blog.

Carlos Araujo

Carlos Araujo is an illustrator. He lives with his wife and his daughter in an apartment so large that sometimes they get lost in it.

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