Josh Mckible – The Art of the Tease


I was psyched to receive this in the mail last week. It had been almost a year(?) since the publisher, Korero Books, contacted me about including an illustration I had done for a flyer promoting the burlesque musical act of a couple of friends, Cherry Typhoon and Satoko. Satako belts out the tunes and commands the organ (as well as a variety of drums, whistles, etc), while Cherry mesmerizes the crowd with her ample figure and outsized stage persona. They blend aspects of both Japanese and burlesque performance traditions with humor and sexuality. It’s like some crazy Tom Waits meets Kabuki!

Besides showing an amazing array of contemporary work being done, the book is also a great resource of historical posters, highlighting some real gems of the past. The book is full of amazing, sometimes outrageous imagery, and I’m really glad to have been included.


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