Andy Fish & Veronica Hebard Spotlighted in ARTScope Magazine!

Piece on display at the 242 Show

This exhibition provides an up-to-the-moment look into the lives of husband and wife team Veronica Hebard and Andy Fish — indeed, during my visit to their studio, some of the paint on their work was still wet and toy figures politely waited to come to life. It's to their credit that in a house filled with artifacts representing the entire history of horror and illustrated comics, my attention was 100 percent on their work.

Graphic novelist, cartoonist, painter and illustrator Fish has already earned himself a permanent place in American culture as a D.C. Comics freelancer, having drawn a number of “Batman” issues. This exhibition features 30 pages from his in-progress, 200 page graphic novel, “Harker: The Legend of Dracula”.



American artist, illustrator and Graphic Novelist based in Boston Massachusetts

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