“This Town” at Eclectix Gallery

Selection from the 'This Town' exhibit at Eclectix

Images of Our Northern California

Stunning art of the cities, people, cultures and landscapes that inhabit our diverse Northern California environs. Featuring works by more than 25 local artists with photography, painting, sculpture, mixed media and drawing. Not your typical exhibit of tourist landscapes! Images of costumed San Franciscans, sleek sky scrapers, Oakland Hell’s Angels, cool coffee shops, the majestic Golden Gate, thirsty deserts, happenin’ neighborhood scenes, and even the Bay’s landfill — all compose an exciting, beautiful and eclectic look at our local world.

Artists: Don Albonico, Joanne Corbaley, Alicia DeBrincat, Maria DeRoy, Paul Graf, Joe Hayama, John Howard, Aaron Johnson, Larry Jones, Eric Joyner, Joanna Katz, Boris Koodrin, Polly Mania, Sonia Melnikova-Raich, Patricia Mitchell, Crystal Morey, Fletcher Oakes, Christopher Peterson, Kurtis Rykovich, Andrew Jay Schlussel, John Seabury, Laurie Search, Strephon Taylor, Cynthia Tom, Peter Tonningsen, Katherine Westerhout

Exhibition Dates: July 3rd- Aug.16th

Opening Reception: July 3rd, 7-10 pm, Live Music by “Eclair de Lune”


Eclectix exhibits and publishes, an eclectic magazine of original fine art: newbrow, steam punk, contemporary, alternative, pop surrealism, traditional & urban art in a variety of mediums. Many local San Francisco artists, as well as non-local, known and unknown, contribute their talents to the online issues, rotating exhibits, events, & posts. Visit Us: www.eclectix.com

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