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Nick Deakin

Please introduce yourself and what you do in no more than four sentences…

Hey, I’m Nick Deakin. I’m an artist and illustrator from Yorkshire England. I could describe the different things I do in many ways, but mostly I just draw with pens.

How often do you Google your own name? Do you do it for professional reasons or are you just egotistical?

What is a lot? once every couple of weeks? maybe I’ll find something defamatory lurking in some damp corner of the internet. Always interested to see what’s out there.

Nick Deakin

Belly button holes, nipple holes, brain holes, what gives? Why not just draw cheese?

You’re right, cheese would be a much better option. I love the holes, in things, makes you think a little about what’s inside. I like nipples, even though they’re a bit chewy, nipples are good, so I draw them, sensory characters I make.

Which earns you more money: Art or illustration?

Illustration. Making art for for shows is mint, and an output that’s necessary, just not as lucrative yet, although that’s not why I make it.

What was your last paycheck for, how much and who from?

That’s just vulgar. I feel violated. It was a lot, from someone very special.

Nick Deakin

I’ve noticed you’re on Twitter, Facebook and a number of other sites. With so much to say, why don’t you have a blog?

I do like these devices for documenting your every movement, and following others. My issue is that I don’t have much to say, or at least I’m not that comfortable saying it all, maybe just more of private person, so it may take a while to get comfortable with the idea. This all sounds like I’m just a bit shy? which isn’t true, I’m just more of a listener.

How is having an agent working for you? How long have you been with them?

I’ve been with Unseen Agency for over twelve months now. Unseen is a small but perfectly formed agency, representing a select group of people, and the illustrators Claudia has put together are all creamily good. I like the fact it’s a cosy group of people, it’s the cosiness for sure. You can ask a bunch of illustrators if they think having an agent is necessary, and the response will be evenly divided. I’ve had agent’s before and it’s not really worked out, so a lot of it is about finding the right representative, who believes in you and your work. I’m very happy with mine.

Nick Deakin

Nick Deakin

Nick Deakin

Do you attend many gallery shows or exhibitions? What was the last one you went to?

I do when I get the chance, living out of the city recently has curtailed this a little, what did I see last? ..not even sure. In Barcelona next week though so I’ll be galleried up a treat.

I interviewed you a few years ago and asked you… “Why don't you have any vinyl toys in you portfolio?” and part of your response was “I don't really think there would be a market for a Nick Deakin toy”. With a custom Miao, custom hand painted Qee Bear and even a pair of custom high heels under your belt, has your option on the subject change at all? Will we be seeing any more ND toys in the near future?

Yeah that was a negative thing to say..? I’ve loved the toys I’ve worked on, it’d be great to do more definitely, and end up with a little Nick Deakin army. Toys R Me. The custom high heels are a real treat, I need to make more of those, I’m always being asked to make more for girls to totter around in.

Nick Deakin

Nick Deakin

When are we going to see your work animated?

Well the Shell project I worked on in January is animated in a way, my drawings added to a 3d environment and then animated. It’s cool to see your work in another dimension. I’ve also just finished a character for a client that will be animated for TV, which I can’t wait to see. The director had a really lucid idea of what he wanted from the project, and it sounded brilliant, so I hope it materialises exactly as he described.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and what would you do?

Loads of people. Neasden Control Centre I’d love to collaborate with. I’ve like their work for so long. We would do something massively horrific, MASSIVELY horrific, and you would love it. Sauerkids are kicking out some really impressive stuff at the moment, so I’d love to work with them again, purely just to bask in their reflected glory.

Nick Deakin

Work wise, what are you up to next?

Magazine covers, private art commissions, some exhibitions coming up soon too, and I’d also like a rest at some point.

Do you still ride your push bike? Do you have any pets?

Yes I still ride my bike, doing jumps too, must be funny for all the kids seeing an old man in mid-air, well a few inches off the ground at least. I don’t have any pets, may get a hamster soon. A fat one.

Nick Deakin

Yorkshire puddings or Yorkshire curd tar?

Yorkshire puddings.

Tetley’s or John Smith’s?

Neither. I’m a lager lout. Stella, Peroni, whatever is in the fridge.

Kaiser Chiefs or the Arctic Monkeys?

I’m sure if I had a drink with the chiefs it’d be a laugh and I’d say hey that was a quality night out, but as a band it’s just not happening, it’s just drunken arse, fisher price chorus, football terrace cocky monster, banal detritus. No contest. Arctic Monkeys.

Heartbeat or Emmerdale?


Yorkshire or London?

You can take the lad out of Yorkshire, but you can’t stop him being semi-retarded. London. Yorkshire. London.

Nick Deakin

You can more of Nick Deakin’s work at

Darren Di Lieto

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  1. ellen says:

    i like the toy things with the black ears/faces & white teeth; they’re light and deep at the same time…at first i thought your stuff was inconsequential but that seems to be your point, no? it is to the point that life is inconsequential or maybe i’m reading too much into you… i think i’m too catholic…i’m sort of an artist but the ego thing gets in the way of things

  2. “drunken arse, fisher price chorus, football terrace cocky monster, banal detritus”

    HA HA YES!!!!!!!

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