Doodlesplatter: A Jon Burgerman Blogography


The Internet is permanent in many ways, yet ephemeral in others. Things sell out, pictures are removed, sites fade away, links get broken…There's also a lot of art out there that's not meant to last forever. Maybe it gets lost or worn out or removed or eaten up.

Doodlesplatter: A Jon Burgerman Blogography was born out of a desire to present a complete “artkive” of Jon's work. With just a few clicks, you'll see Jon illustrate that any surface can be a canvas. Whether you're sick on a plane (airplane vomit bag) or stuck in the rain (umbrella collab with SIZE?), Jon's doodles are there to cheer you. I find this very inspiring and happy-making. So I'm returning the favor: Jon Burgerman has a posse.

Doodlesplatter is like Disneyland for doodles. It contains original doodles and the cataloged work of Jon Burgerman, a spectacular design by The Neon Hive and a year of research and OCD by me, Jeremy Brautman. Please come join the posse!

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  1. Ari says:

    he actually is responsible for making “doodler” a profession option in linkedin…

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