Bamcat – Ku*Chi*Ku pretty girl space lady

Ku*Chi*Ku Battles the Giant Glorper

Ku*Chi*Ku Battles the Giant Glorper
Currently working on a new series of images for an upcoming gallery show at Space 242 in Boston, MA. The theme is a play on little girls in costumes kicking giant monster butt and still being adorable (yet a bit terrifying) in the process.

Looking forward to working with friends and mentors Andy Fish, Veronica Hebard, and Lindsay Small in this show.


Allison Bamcat is a Boston illustrator with an affinity for confectionary and phantoms. She loves drawing and painting portraits of spirits and strangely cute characters. With her love of candy and neon colors, her creatures come across more sweet than demonic. Bamcat studied at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and received her BFA in Illustration. She is currently working as a footwear designer at Converse with a concentration in kids and teen footwear. She works as a freelance artist in her spare time and has been featured in many galleries throughout the country. She has been published in books locally and internationally, and her work makes frequent appearances in local publications such as the Boston Phoenix. From tattoo art to paintings to comics to murals to band graphics, her work is always evolving. Bamcat is available for custom work and loves to get involved in local projects and collaborations. Contact her!

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