The Haunting Violinist at the Creature Workshop

The Haunting Violinist

Did they ever break your heart? Did they ever hurt your feelings so bad that you felt yor life was meaningless? That happened to Veit Alvintzi. He was one of the most gifted musicians from the 18th Century but his promising career as a solo violin virtuoso was darkened by tragedy and despair. Today, the name of Veit Alvintzi is not cast in golden letters in music encyclopedias but the howling of his violin, attached to his long ghostly silhouette, still sounds in the hills near Vienna. Austrian local legends recall him as the man who lost his soul and went down to Hell to recover it: The Haunting Violinist.

This is part of a col­lab­o­ra­tive project called “Koldo's Crea­ture Work­shop”. Read the rest of the story and col­lab­o­rate in bring­ing it to life and win a spe­cial signed print! Visit The Haunting Violinist.

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