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Cover Illustration for Folio Weekly magazine

I’ve been working on several new projects, some of which I have recently been completed are: ‘Fire Dept. Racism’ a cover illustration for Folio Weekly magazine regarding discrimination in the Jacksonville fire department and the ongoing John Harvard Library series for Harvard University Press; A collection of important documents in American history as well as the writings of significant figures from said history. I’m proud to say the first five in the series has been chosen for inclusion in this years Communications Arts Awards Annual!

Book cover for Harvard University Press' John Harvard Library Series

Robert Carter

Canadian artist Robert Carter is an award-winning illustrator. He combines a strong foundation in portraiture with a unique sense of visual and conceptual problem solving to create his striking, vibrant and textured illustrations and portraits. A selection of Robert's work can be seen at personal portfolio website Robert now lives and works in Baden, Ontario Canada.

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  1. CJ says:

    That Folio Weekly cover actually inflames racial passions and tensions on both sides. It solves nothing. There is no hope for a better future in this illustration. It is only a feeding of hatred and animosity and it polarizing both sides. When you think you are helping you are simply perpetuating the victimhood mentality in blacks and causing whites to either supplicate to this view or to take an oppositional stand. You are part of the problem when it comes to racial animosity. The illustration makes a mountain out of a molehill by having the masses do the shoveling. Is your concern for racial justice equal?

    Will you also be making illustrations about the New Haven discrimination against white firefighters?

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