Koldo Barroso – Boyhands Smoork

Boyhands Smoork by Koldo Barroso

He was the grandson of Terrible Spoork, (the troll who defeated the invincible giant in the black mountains) and Fierce Wooka (the troll who invented the rotten garlic burp strategy to fight the hordes of crooked-head goblins). And he was the son of the magnanimous Spooky Spooff (the one who ate one hundred and fifty six slimy pies in one minute) and Rusty Weeka (owner of the most fetid breath smell in the troll world ever). And he was also the youngest brother of 11th noisy and untidy troll children. But he, young Smoork… he had the delicate hands of a human boy!

Illustration & storytelling by Koldo Barroso.

This is part of a collaborative project called “Koldo’s Creature Workshop”. Read the rest of the story and collaborate in bringing it to life!

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