Fabric brooches by Alessandra Fusi

Fabric brooches by Alessandra Fusi

My latest experiment with felt, transfer paper, buttons and crafting creativity!

Already for sale in my Etsy Shop ♥


Alessandra Fusi was born in Rome, in 1984. When she was a little girl she wanted to sell icecreams. She thought she couldn't draw and she loved watching her aunt drawing for her. Then one day she discovered drawing was real fun, even if colouring was quite boring...So she changed her mind: she didn't want to be an icecream seller anymore. Since that day Alessandra Fusi has never stopped drawing, now she likes colouring too, and she has decided to be an illustrator. She hates being alone, so she lives with the ones she loves, and six cats (even if she'd like to welcome all the feline universe under her roof). She studied at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome, and since then she showcased her artwork in many solo and collective artshows. Between her publications: “Tra la terra e l'acqua” (Zampanera editore - Italy), “Le bel uniforme gris” (edition Anna Chanel - France) and the italian magazine “Focus Family”. She works as a tattoo designer at the studio “Black Dragon”, near Rome. -- Alessandra Fusi - illustrator ♣ Blog: http://www.alessandrafusi.com ♣ On-line portfolio: http://alessandrafusi.carbonmade.com ♣ On-line shop: http://infinitales.etsy.com

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