The Kids are Alright Tour 2009

The Kids Are Alright

The Kids are Alright is a five city showcase tour of 25 young artists that have either recently graduated or are still attending art school. The Series was designed to give these artists an opportunity to develop their talents while receiving direction and feedback from several different galleries and a curator.

The Tour is curated by Beau Basse, owner of LeBasse Projects in Los Angeles. His goal in producing the Tour is to create a platform for young artists to gain experience working with galleries in order to properly prepare them for future success as professional artists.

The first stop is at T & P Fine Art in Philidelphia and it opens today!


LeBasse Projects is one of the fastest growing galleries specializing in new contemporary art. Dealing in the development of a select roster of emerging talent, LeBasse Projects has quickly become one of the premier galleries showcasing the next generation of artists.

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