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Who gets to share your bed and who gets to lick your toes, Una or Doug?

Doug’s the man who shares my bed and makes me the happiest boy on the planet, but Una is sure enough a toe-licker. Particularly in the mornings, on her way to the window to check if any squirrels are out causing trouble. Doug’s more of an ear-man. I can wiggle my ears, kinda like Samantha from Bewitched could do with her nose, and it really gets him going. 😉

How much do you depend on your computer could you survive without it?

I depend a great deal on my computer. At this time, I could probably not survive without it, but if pressed (and given time!) I know I could re-adapt to the life of a Luddite. I cut TV out of my life a few years back and I don’t miss it one bit.

I do try to recognize the difference between enjoying it and being a slave to it though, and if I do have to work late I still shut down at 9pm and try to get to bed at a decent time. I still enjoy going outside, meeting with friends, and doing other non-computer things. Having a dog helps in that respect, plus a partner who loves the outdoors. But I make no apologies for spending time on the computer.

I like using new apps, particularly if they ACTUALLY make my time at the computer easier and shorter, more enjoyable, and more productive. I like drawing and designing on the computer and don’t feel the least bit guilty or bad about not painting as much as I did years ago (although I miss it sometimes). I’m sure I’ll return to it one day, but I don’t get all “it’s not real art!” when using the computer. It’s just another tool. One that doesn’t get goopy paint stains all over the place when I’m done.

Could I live without it? I suppose so. I’d prefer to live with less of it than to kick it out the door altogether.

Apart from illustration what other things are you into?

Well, first off, I don’t think I’d say I’m the type who is “into” illustration. You won’t find many illustration books in my house, for one thing. And I’m not that great at naming who’s who in our field. I have quite a few illustrators’ blogs in my newsreader, but besides that I’m really not in the know.

So what am I into? Hm. I’m pretty boring. I don’t play any instruments. I don’t play any sports. I don’t collect anything. I don’t spend tons of money on clothes or shoes or home accessories. I don’t own a car. I don’t garden. I live in Vancouver but I neither hike nor ski. I’m not a movie buff.

Mostly, I read; books and comics. I exercise, but mostly to keep fit. I love walking my dog. And I love spending time with Doug. We spend time with friends, do movies, travel when we can. Nothing too much out of the ordinary I guess. I’m into a few other things that I don’t think your audience needs to know about. 🙂

But I have no hobbies. Right now, the one thing that IS eating up all of our spare time is just getting renovations done on our new apartment. It’s all slow baby-steps. It’ll probably be going on for another 9-12 months at this point. Ugh. I may take up drinking!

I like keeping life pretty simple. It gets complicated all on its own so fast anyway.

Who are your favourite artists/illustrators alive today?

Oh boy.. like I said earlier, I’m barely aware of who’s out there today. There are so many wonderful artists, and I don’t have the energy to keep up. I have about 300 artists’ blogs in my RSS feeds. I’m so backlogged it’s not funny.

Short list, off the top of my head:
– all my pals in the Jupiter Project
– Stuart Immonen
– Paul Pope
– Jaime Hernandez
– Steve McNiven
– Leo Espinosa
– Edel Rodriguez
– Bob Staake
– Aaron Leighton
– Monica Melnychuk
– Carey Sookocheff
– Michael Wertz

I like the scratchy hand-drawn/painted stuff as much as I like the crisp vector/design stuff.

Have you ever thought about creating an action figure or vinyl toy?

I have thought of that actually. This past year I’ve been wanting to learn about it more (but haven’t found the time). What I’ve discovered so far is that it would be a huge chunk of money with no return on it, so that sort of turns me off. I’d prefer if I could at least break even on such a project.

I’ve already dabbled in doing t-shirts myself and that was just too much work for a lazy guy like me. I sell them through Cafepress now, and that works out great for everyone; both for people who buy them, as well as for me (and my bank account; making t-shirts yourself is fun, but EXPENSIVE).

I’m not sure what a “Luc” toy might look like. It would either be a monster, a sexy space girl/alien, or a hunky space man/alien. Or maybe all three. I guess that pretty much describes all the toys out there. I guess I’d stick to the hunky space man/alien. Not many of those out there!

Also, I want to look into licensing more. I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and I know I can’t survive forever doing magazine illustrations. I need to be more diversified about my work. Just the fact that I’ve been delving more into graphic design of late has really influenced my illustration style (which, as with all illustrators, is in a constant state of evolution).

Are you involved in any collaborative projects at the moment and is there anyone you would like to work with?

Nothing right now, besides doing the occasional group art show with the Jupiter Project gang, and a big +100 page anthology-style book that we’re working on. But SOMEone’s pirated software *COUGH!* ATOMOS! *COUGH!* has delayed that project.

For the most part, freelancing suits me nicely. That said, me and two friends are right now planning a small design agency/collective of sorts here in Vancouver, to work on bigger projects that pay more money.

It’s that cold, my friends.

It won’t be an agency really, but more of a hub; we know tons of artists, illustrators, designers, and web-savvy folks here in the city. With this network, we could work on more interesting projects, make more money, AND spread the love to other professionals by sub-contracting out to them. Working on projects with people you like and can depend on, and everyone making more money than the usual $250 magazine illustration, that sounds nice to us.

What’s next in the pipeline for Luc Latulippe?

A Hawaiian cruise in April on a boat-load fulla gay menz! Yeeeeah!

Oh.. you meant WORK-wise? Umm..

I’m planning a few small projects this year. I’d like to put a couple of books together, and self-publish them on or I uploaded a little “test” book onto Lulu last year and that little sucker is still selling nicely (it’s a collection of some of my favourite editorial illustrations). But I’d like to do something that is more “me” than that first book was. These new books would be more thematic, and contain original, unpublished work.

I’ll be continuing my usual editorial illustration work, but I plan to push my way into graphic design more.

I’m also working on a few illustrated porn projects. Yup. I’m not sure how I’m going to introduce that to my existing “audience,” if at all. I may just plug it elsewhere (no pun intended) and let people find it if it’s what they’re looking for in the first place.


Hi Mom!

Tintin or Snowy?

Snowy. I’ve been re-reading my old Tintin books (they’re actually my Mom’s, but she’s passed them on to me) and Tintin seems to come off as a total knob. Snowy’s sage advice always falls on deaf ears with Tintin.

Having said that, Hergé’s work was very influential to my becoming an artist. I devoured those books as a kid, and while re-reading them recently, I was amazed at how super-familiar every single panel seemed. I spotted little details in the backgrounds and think “Hey, I remember seeing that 30 years ago too!” Holy crap… did I say 30 years ago? Yikes. I’m old.

Batman or Superman?

Batman, entirely because of his hairy chest.

You can see more of Luc Latulippe’s work at

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