Good News From Far Australia


Yen magazine, Australia’s #1 independent publication for women, has published a special issue called Curvy for 6 years now. It is devoted, as they put it, to the most exciting female graphic artist and illustrators in the world.

Each year, a jury selects around 100 artists and gives them a chance to present their work in this special issue. This year the number of artists is 120 and I am one of them! My piece called Day on Earth was selected, and since the competition was strong (over 1600 works from 40 countries) it’s understandable that I am so proud and happy 🙂

A big exhibition and promotion of Curvy#6 was held a couple of days ago in Sydney, and my copy of the magazine is on its way. But it will take some time, Australia is far away…

maja veselinovic

Maja lives in Belgrade, Serbia, where she graduated from the Faculty of Design (graphic design major). She also has a degree in art teaching from the College of Fine and Applied Arts. Since 2001. Maja works as a freelance illustrator, comic artist, and designer. Her comics and illustrations appeared in various magazines, comics anthologies, specialized art and design publications, as well as in publications for children. Until now, she received several awards, mostly for comics. In her free time, Maja volunteers as an editor of the comics section at Pionirov Glasnik web zine. Loves animals, especially cats.

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